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chocolate-polyphenol-maskChocolate: Whitening, Brightening and Firming.

( Recommended for dull and lacks elasticity )

apple-polyphenol-maskApple: Reduces size of enlarged pores, helps to firm and moisturise the skin. Skin becomes clearer with more even complexion.

( Recommended for skin with enlarged pores )pearl-powder-maskPearl Powder: Softens, whitens, activates and nourishes skin.

( Recommended for dull and damage skin )

mixed-berry-maskMix Berries: Brightening & Firming.

( Recommended for uneven and rough skin tone )

cooling-maskCooling: Cooling and refreshing sensation, moisturizing the skin at the same time. Skin feels soothed, softened and hydrated.

( Recommended for skin overly exposed to the sun )

provence-lavender-maskLavender: Helps to calm the nerves and relieves stress, prevents skin sensitivity. Skin becomes soothed and hydrated.

( All skin types )

natto-maskNatto: Anti aging and firming effect with supplementary moisturizing element. Skin elasticity improved and very well hydrated.

( Recommended for dry skin )

black-pearl-maskBlack Pearl: Firming, regenerating, moisturising, whitens and brightens the overall complexion.

( Recommended for dull looking skin )

red-wine-maskRed Wine: Firms and brightens skin complexion with the addition of anti-oxidant content. Skin becomes glowing, radiant and blood circulation improved.

( Recommeded for dull looking and unfirm skin )

intensive-rice-peptides-maskRice Peptides: Moisturising, repairs and improves elasticity of skin.

( Recommended for mature skin )

sake-yeast-maskSake: Whitening, moisturising and improving elasticity of skin.

( All types of skin except for sensitive skin try on hands first )

yogurt-maskYogurt: Regulates the production of oil and absorb the excess oil produced. Skin becomes well cleansed, soothed and less oily.

( Recommended for oily skin )

bulgarian-white-rose-maskWhite Rose: Brightens and whitens the overall complexion. Skin becomes well hydrated and soothed.

( Recommended for dull looking skin )

aloe-maskAloe Vera: Extra moisturising,removes dead skin cells and lighten pigmentation spots. Skin becomes more hydrated, softer and smoother.

( Recommended for dry skin )

japanese-cherry-blossom-maskSakura: Brightening, Soothing and Regenerating.

( Recommended for dry and tired skin )

q10-rejuvenating-maskQ10: Moisturising, anti-aging and anti-oxidant, restores skin structure. Skin elasticity improved and complexion looks younger and softer.

( Recommended for unfirm skin )

strawberry-yogurt-maskStrawberry: Brightening, improving fine lines and oil control.

( Recommended for combination skin )

platinum_mask_07Platinum: High efficiency in locking water, whitening, improving fine lines and wrinkles.

( Recommended for dry and dull skin )

whitening_mask_07Truffle: Brightening, lightening of scars and freckles, regenerating of skin.

( Recommended for dull and yellow skin )

Please take note that all the above masks is suitable for all skins type.

1 pcs for S$1.50

1 box for S$13.00 ( 10 pcs )

For Platinum & Truffle:

1 pcs for S$2.80

1 box for S$15.00 ( 6 pcs )